Wide Spectrum of Packaging, Custom Assembly & Fulfillment Services

Dolly Packaging, LLC offers a variety of Packaging, Custom Assembly & Fulfillment services. Each of our services can be customized to fit the needs of each customer. Our services include a side of innovation, quality, good communication, and strong ethics. As a partner, rather than a supplier, we take pride in the success of each job performed.

When Should You Use a Contract Packager?

Dolly Packaging, LLC. offers a variety of Packaging, Custom Assembly & Fulfillment services providing your company with a valuable outside resources. When your company reaches that point in providing your customers with the maximum efficiencies they are use to it’s time to call Dolly Packaging, LLC. to help service them. You need to use outside contract packers when…

  1. Additional space or staffing is required for warehousing and assembly of components.
  2. Large financial investments like machinery or other equipment is required to perform a job.
  3. A project is new or could use fine-tuning, and further knowledge of equipment, supplies, and other resources is required or helpful.
  4. The workload is heavy or short term, and disrupts the flow of regular, steady projects.
  5. It is more geographically economical to have product assembled or packaged at a location other than your own.
  6.  Your specialization or shop layout does not include packaging or assembly and, therefore, it can be completed more efficiently with a packaging and assembly professional.
  7. Your project is innovative and unique and requires intensive labor or specialized equipment or skills.
  • High Speed Shrink Wrapping- Lantech 2000 Shrink Wrapping System-  Runs 70 feet per minute with convection heat tunnel
  • Semi-Auto 28 x 20 and 30×40 L-Sealers
  • Retail Display Assembly/Pack-out
  • Hot Glue Application/ Pnuematic High Output Tank
  • Cold Gluing/ Laminating
  • Intensive Hand Labor Assembly/Finishing
  • Ink-Jet and Laser coding applications.
  • Shrink-Band/ Sleeve application.
  • High Speed Auto-Labeling.
  • Bar-Code Label Printing and Verification.
  • Kit Assembly
  • Rework/Recovery
  • Hand Collation
  • Eyelet / Grommet Capabilities
  • Inventory Control and Warehousing
  • Retail Display Assembly/Packout
  • Cartoning
  • Small Parts Assembly- Including Automotive
  • Shrink Wrapping- High Retail Quality
  • Shrink Band
  • Over-wrapping
  • Bundle Wrap
  • Poly Bagging
  • Warehousing/Inventory
  • Inspection/Sorting
  • Fulfillment
  • Labeling/Relabeling
  • Warehouse Club Packaging