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Specializing in Packaging, Custom Assembly & Fulfillment, Point of Purchase Display Assembly, Shrink Wrapping, Custom Manufacturing Assembly.

Over 60 Years of Combined Packaging Experience

We are family owned and operated packaging, assembly and custom fulfillment company with over 60 years combined experience in our industry.  Our highly skilled staff ensures that each job is handled in the most careful, efficient, and cost-effective way and are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional, quality work.

Implementation of Lean Processes

We understand that there is always room for process improvement. At Dolly Packaging we consistently strive to create new methods for performing custom packaging and assembly task as time efficient and cost effective as possible.

Just in Time Production Emphasis

Dolly Packaging works hard to reduce the waste of time and materials in the production and custom assembly process. Our team is constantly sharing knowledge, ideas, and problem solving advice, leading to quality improvement and accurate control of inventory.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our customers are the reason Dolly Packaging is in business and we know our job is to serve them to the absolute best of our ability. We don’t work to meet customer expectations… We work to exceed them.

Dolly Packaging, LLC provides customers with the equipment, staff, space, and materials to complete the most innovative and value-added packaging and assembly projects.

We are professional in all aspects of packaging and assembling, dedicated to completing these jobs in the most time efficient and cost effective manner. Our dedication to quality means that you can let go of any worry while saving money on additional training, equipment, space, and staffing.

Packaging, Custom Assembly & Fulfillment Example

For us, every project is custom and unique.

We do so many different projects it’s hard to describe everything that we do.
Below we are setting up a very unique retail planogram featuring custom paint chips totaling over 100 that need placed in very specific

locations on the set. We created a custom assembly line that streamlines the assembly process ensuring 100% service level.

Planogram Assembly
Planogram Assembly

Custom Planogram Assembly

After Point of Purchase planograms are set up and proofed for accuracy they are sent to the shipping department where they await finishing and fulfillment. The sets are then custom packaged, shrink-wrapped, boxed and direct shipped to the specific retailer.

This is just one example demonstrating our
unique project management, custom assembly and fulfillment capabilities.
Below are more services that we offer.

General Overview:

  • Retail Display Assembly/Pack-out
  • High Speed Shrink Wrapping- Lantech 2000 Shrink Wrapping System-  Runs 70 feet per minute with convection heat tunnel
  • Hot Glue Application / Pnuematic High Output Tank
  • Cold Gluing / Laminating
  • Intensive Hand Labor Assembly / Finishing

Assembly & Packaging Services:

  • Retail Display Assembly / Packout
  • Cartoning
  • Small Parts Assembly- Including Automotive
  • Shrink Wrapping- High Retail Quality
  • Shrink Band
  • Over-wrapping
  • Bundle Wrap
  • Poly Bagging

Miscellaneous Services:

  • Warehousing  /Inventory
  • Inspection / Sorting
  • Fulfillment
  • Labeling / Relabeling
  • Warehouse Club Packaging

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Packaging, Custom Assembly & Fulfillment: Virtually No Limits.

For this custom decking project we inventory their product, custom package and drop-ship to virtually any location in the United States.

Custom Packing
Custom Packing
Custom Packing
Custom Packing

Customer Reviews: We Love Our Customers, And They Love What We Do.

We are fully dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and will do virtually whatever it takes to get their custom packaging and fulfillment projects completed, and finished on time!

“WOW – Dolly Packaging is the best Custom Packaging & Fulfillment company I have ever worked with.”

WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best External Resource that we have ever worked with. We are a medium sized automotive parts manufacturer, and when we need additional specialized manpower we go to Dolly,

– Joe Manufacturing

For more than three years Dolly Packaging has been one of our most valued partners. From assembling our starter kits from a variety of suppliers, warehousing and logistics to order fulfillment from multiple retail channels they have proven to be instrumental in our success and growth. Their industry knowledge and connections have been a great resource for our company, providing expertise and support. Their attitude has always been doing whatever it takes to get the job done on time and within budget. The quality assurance services they provide in addition to assembly and packaging has been a key factor in our great customer reviews. Dolly Packaging has become an essential partner for UDECX as we continue to grow.
John Van Leeuwen, UDECX
Dolly Packaging has great people and they’re work is top notch! They are true professionals, fast and thorough. I have worked with them throughout my career with multiple company’s work and they continue to impress.
“Pleased Customer”, Home Improvement Industry
“Dolly has been a great resource for us as we grow our small business. They have the space and staff ready to receive, package, store, and ship out our product, saving us valuable time, money, and space.”
Kristy, Owner, SWEET by Kristy

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